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Customer Service : FAQs

Listed below are answers to questions frequently asked about our products and policies.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes! We now accept Canadian orders online!

Can I change the color of a stone even if it's not listed as an option?

Possibly. Give us a call at 1-888-79-NAUGI to find out if the specific color you want is available.

Can I choose a mix of several colors, even if the specific color combination I want is not listed as an option?

It is nearly impossible for us to list all of the possible color combinations. We are delighted to mix any of the colors listed. Give us a call at 1-888-79-NAUGIto speak to us about your special request.

Does ordering my headpiece with a colored stone not listed as an option increase the cost of the headpiece?

Probably, however, it depends on the availability of the specific color, but the charge is usually nominal adding between $5.00- $20.00.

If I show you a picture of a tiara I found in a magazine or book can you copy it for me?

No, we cannot copy an existing headpiece. We can, however guide you toward pieces in our line that will fit your needs in a similar way, according to height, length, color, & detail.

What is the estimated shipping time for orders?

Each item is handmade in our studio. Infact, most items are specifically made to order. On each product page you will find the estimated ship time for that particular item. Please let us know upon placing your order if you have a specific upcoming deadline. We will do everything we can do to meet your needs. We will make and ship your piece as soon as possible, often sooner than the estimated ship time on each product page. If there will be a delay in shipping your order we will notify you as soon as possible. You will receive an email when your order has shipped. Click here to check the status of an existing order.

Does my other jewelry need to match my tiara?

No, there are many ways to bring the entire look together. At, we offer several styles of earrings, and necklaces, some matching the specific headpieces, others not. The simplicity of a single component on a chain matching details of the headpiece, and then paired with simple pearl or crystal studs, can be the perfect balance. An eclectic matching of different details that have a similar element running through them is another alternative. For example, the structural details of your headpiece and earrings are different; however, they both have pearls appearing in them, so they tie together well.

Are there any rules as to where a specific style of headpiece has to be placed?

No, not at all, each headpiece should be placed in an individual position on each person. Some of the factors contributing to placement are face shape and hairstyle.

I have short hair, and I don't know what type of headpiece to wear. What are my options?

This is a question we hear over and over again, and it is one of our favorites, because some of the best hair/headpiece combinations have included short hair. Both headbands and tiaras look great on short hair. Tiaras can be placed on the head, and then tilted slightly back. If you choose a tiara style, adding a little comb on each side will be helpful in securing the headpiece. The styles to avoid are bun rings and in some cases headpieces attached to a comb as opposed to a headband. Depending on the actual hair length some combs may not have enough hair to slide into; however, we are always willing to replace any style you find on a comb with a headband. Please fax, e-mail, or call us with your special request.

Can you complete an order in less then the estimated time stated for each style?

Yes, in most cases we can. However, this question must be handled on a case to case basis. In some cases an express delivery charge may be added. We would love to accommodate any special requests you may have. Give us a call at 1-888-79-NAUGI.

Do you offer any veiling to accompany the line of Naugi headpieces?

Yes, we offer a simple line of veiling which we feel will complement our headpieces in an elegant way. If you have in special needs regarding the veiling you would like to order please contact our customer service department at Visit our veil assistant.

To receive veil material swatches please email your request along with your name and address to

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we do offer a gift certificate that can either be sent via e-mail or on paper through the U.S. mail.

How safe is it to place an order on

You can feel confident when placing an order on our site. Your credit card security is our highest priority. Please review our Security Policy.

Do you do custom work on headpieces?

Yes! We make all of the items we sell so we have the ability to make a wide variety of changes. Some options include adding length or shortening a design, adding or taking away pearl or crystal and of course making any design into a back piece that can be worn with a bun.

What is a backpiece?

A backpiece is a comb meant to be worn in the back of the hair along side a french twist or on top of a bun or chignon.

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